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Why Greece?

Greece is a country well known around the world about two things· its sun and its history. Yet, unfortunately, the last few years Greece has been made known for another thing· its huge public debt and the difficulties the state faces to handle this debt. Consequently, Greece has been made known for the large scale economic and social crisis it faces. This situation drive us to the first question· why someone should do business in Greece?

This is a question with multiple answers. The most significant of them have as follows:

a. Greece is a country member of the European Union and has long established euro as its national currency. This means that the country’s economy is closely related, attached, monitored and regulated by European institutions such as the European Central Bank. This also means that the country’s economy, despite its public debt problems, is actually supported through a series of actions and institutions. Moreover, the agreement that the country has signed with its creditors in mid-summer 2015 has enabled it to proceed to a short and mid-term economic stabilization, while structural reforms to reinforce the country’s competitiveness are agreed to take place and are taking place almost immediately. The country is changing and because of this change, successful investment opportunities arise.

b. Greece is a country situated on the junction of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. Its place on the map, its proximity to so much different civilizations and religions from the ones found in western societies and its long standing excellent name and reputation justify its geostrategic significance and importance.
c. Greece is a stable , and dominant western democracy. The country has acquired a long term tradition in free independent elections and people consider the system of government as one of their inviolable civil rights.
d. Greece has highly developed networks of national roads, such as Egnatia highway, railways, significant international airports and ports. Thus, despite its complicated landscape and the numerous islands, transportation of people and goods is a challenge that has been long faced successfully.
e. Greece has developed a highly extensive and sophisticated telecommunications network. Mobile phone and Internet access is available throughout the country even to its most remote areas.
f. Greece, due to a long term period of economic recovery from war and political turbulences, has acquired well-educated, highly experienced, expertized and capable human resources.
Considering these answers, we are proud to say that doing business in Greece means taking advantage of a series of factors that can bring and secure business success.

Why EF NOUS Group?

Investing in a foreign country or even expanding an already standing activity demands reliable, updated and specialized people to work with. These people will show you the advantages of the local market; these people will execute and support your decisions; these people will safeguard your decisions.
EF NOUS Group is made to address these demands and cover these needs.

BECAUSE, EF NOUS Group is a team founded by professionals, specialized in almost all aspects of business activities in the area of continental Greece; a team of professionals with a thorough knowledge of Greek business reality.

BECAUSE, EF NOUS Group is founded to provide services and support and simultaneously to be an effective guide to businesses based in the Greek market environment while acting in the international market environment.

BECAUSE, EF NOUS Group is founded to help you shape decisions, to realize them and to address all the challenges you will meet from the first moment. A goal, our goal, which is more than directly reflected in our team of associates’, our Group’s, name. EF NOUS in ancient and even in modern Greek language, means a “good mind”, a “sharp brain”, an instrument always seriously needed in one’s effort to acquire a successful competitive advantage.

BECAUSE, the EF NOUS GROUP organizational structure is designed to provide a broader framework of services.

BECAUSE, EF NOUS Group people combine and unite legal knowledge and expertise with the knowledge, expertise and capacities of other sciences, thus managing to provide a 365ο cover to your needs, a 365ο answer to your demands.

BECAUSE EF NOUS Group people consider your work as their priority.