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Our Company has been established in 1993 to provide specialized services for the private sector in Businesses.

Our Company is staffed by highly trained scientific staff and we collaborate with specialist advisors with knowledge and experience in business.

Primary objective of our Company is to support our customers to develop and grow their business. We can offer solutions in the areas of Accounting – Tax Management and Finance.

Our services are always adapted for the needs of our customers and have been supported by experienced partners and managers.

Our main objective policy regarding our clients is:

1) To provide value-added services beyond standard obligations, exceeding customer


2 ) Responding to customer requirements to be prompt.


The providing services are in particular:

- Supervision – Control – Accounting Set up.

- Accounting – Taxation.

- Compilation and Review of tax returns.

- Analysis, Processing and Interpretation of Economic Facts and Sizes, preparation and submission of relevant Researches and Reports to business.

- Advising on financial business, development, tax consultants and trade issues.

- Tax affairs support.

- Research of specific tax issues.

- Research for integration investments. We constantly watch daily all new launched programs on which can be entered the business – customer.

- Recommendation – Merger – Conversion Companies.

- Labor – Business Law.

Implement in conjunction with the Law Department.

The Economics Department spoke on issues concerning cost and proposes recommendations.

- International Accounting Standards. Logistic map according the new version of International Accounting Standards.

- Optimizing of Balance Sheet and Business Image.

- Financial Balance Sheet Analysis and Company Evaluation.