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Our Contribution To You

WE STAND BY YOUR SIDE FROM YOUR FIRST STEP, offering legal knowledge and expertise in order to safeguard your interests and investments in continental Greece.


1. Company Law, including the establishment of companies of all different types, company management and administration legal support, trade contracts’ legal negotiation and drafting.

2. Commercial, Industrial Property and Trade Mark Law, including research of registered trade – marks in local, european and international level, execution of the registration process, legal protection of trade – marks’ rights and in general the legal protection of the result or the product of commercial or industrial activity.

3. Competition Law, including the legal protection of free competition and business operation conditions and prevention of illegal forms of business actions.

4. Transport Law, including all aspects of people, goods and services relocation.

5. Civil Law, covering sales compensation liability, rent and lease, property, inheritance, real property and National Cadastre issues.

6. Public Law, covering issues arising from your interaction with all the organizations and institutions of the Administration of the Hellenic Republic.

7. Criminal Law, including legal representation before Criminal Justice concerning violations of Greek and European Union’s criminal law framework.

8. Bankruptcy Law, including cases of companies’ consolidation.

9. Notarial services.

WE COMBINE AND UNITE legal knowledge and expertise with the knowledge, expertise and capacities of other sciences, thus managing to provide to cover your needs concerning issues of:

  • Legal nature and legal representation
  • Technical, Engineering and Construction support
  • Accountancy and Economic Development
  • Insurance Coverage

➢  Law and legal representation

➢  Civil Engineering and Constructions

➢  Accountancy and Economic Development

➢  Notorial Services

➢  Insurance Coverage